Stop worrying about paperwork and fines

The Auto enrolment software deck includes a fully automated, end to end wizard to manage your payroll and Workplace Pensions obligations. Our push button wizard makes Auto enrolment a breeze.


  • Fully compliant with all stages of the Workplace Pensions Regulations
  • Pensions selection tool for employers who want a governance document
  • Cloud-based auto enrolment system
  • Comprehensive Personnel Files
  • All letters automatically populated with employee data pulled from Personnel Files
  • All letters automatically issued to staff according to regulatory requirements
  • Postponements managed at staging date and for joiners
  • AE assessments carried out including full workforce categorisation according to TPR regulations
  • AE communications by email and exportable for print
  • Opt-ins and an Opt-out management
  • Contribution calculation
  • Snapshot preview of your employer contributions to help you plan ahead of the staging date
  • AE record keeping according to TPR regulations
  • AE Dashboard provides payroll cycle alerts and automated task list prompts the user to complete the cycle. Alerts and reminders
  • Flexible reports can be viewed online or exported to print or csv files
  • Full audit trail of all employees, their status at each payroll run, the communications issued, pension joining and pension contributions
  • Graphs show statuses at a glance and real-time updates prompt users to take next steps
  • Documentation for declaration of compliance
  • Export templates for input to an extensive range of Pension Providers including NEST, People’s Pension, NOW: Pension, Legal & General, Agon and many more with full integration with key providers as they release APIs.