Support package

We have created a dedicated support package for businesses who use our payroll and auto enrolment software. This package gives you access to the Eledecks Auto Enrolment helpline whose team will take you through each step to compliance with the Regulations.

The support package is just £10 per month per business and is added when you buy the payroll and auto enrolment deck.  So you have got it all covered with Eledecks – there is no longer any need to dread Workplace Pensions.

What the support package includes

The support package is designed to ensure you get the help you need to find and set up a Workplace Pension, auto enrol your staff and manage the process every month going forward.

Onboarding: During your first few weeks you will have one to one onboarding sessions wiht a member of our Helpdesk team to get your account up and running. During this time you will select a pension scheme and our team will help you set up your scheme on your Eledecks portal account.

Selecting a Pension Scheme: If you need help choosing a pension scheme we can provide you with a pension selection tool which will research the market for workplace pensions and analyse your data to quickly match your business with workplace pension providers willing to offer you a scheme. This report will also highlight any pension scheme charges and serve as a governance document in case of investigations.

Auto Enrolment: Once you have chosen your scheme, you are ready to auto enrol your staff. A member of our team will help you manage the process using the portal auto enrolment wizard which makes it really easy. Plus checklists and graphs confirm where you are in the process and make it simple to track your progress.

Ongoing management: Our friendly and knowledgeable team are available to support you managing your auto enrolment obligations and will help you with the questions that crop up along the way. These are the systems we use to support you.

  • Helpline support – when you need to talk one to one with an expert
  • Webinar sessions – perfect for learning as part of a group
  • Video tutorials  – great if you need a refresher