All UK employers will have to auto enrol eligible workers in a qualifying pension scheme and make mandatory minimum contributions. Those who ignore the workplace pension risk being fined.

The workplace pension laws are complex but complying with the law need not be difficult.

workplace pension

The workplace pension: What you should do

  • Find out when your ‘staging date’ is (this is the date when your auto enrolment duties take effect).
  • Plan for auto enrolment ahead of your staging date. Preparing for auto enrolment involves finding out what needs to be done and when, carrying out an assessment of the workforce in order to identify who must be auto enrolled into a workplace pension scheme and who has the right to opt-in or join. It also involves selecting a pension scheme that meets auto enrolment rules and writing to staff to tell them about auto enrolment.


How the portal can help you

The auto enrolment deck includes a fully automated, end to end wizard to manage your payroll and workplace pensions obligations. It is fully compliant with workplace pensions law and completes all of the tasks required, taking the pain out of the workplace pension.

In addition, the Pensions toolkit contains detailed information and guidance on auto enrolment and because we update the toolkit regularly we can help you keep up to date with any changes in the law.

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