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The Law and Your Business

The law on Workplace Pensions requires every employer in the UK to automatically enrol their employees into a qualifying pension by the staging date set by the Pensions Regulator and failure to do so will result in fines from £50 to £10,000 per day dependent on the size of business.

These fines can be crippling to a small business and for those who manage their payroll in house and are worried about the added burden of auto enrolment, Eledecks is the ideal solution because we provide you with the complete, end to end solution at a fraction of the cost of other providers and we guide you through each and every step so you are never left to manage alone.

Auto Enrolment Deck

Our auto enrolment software is second to none and provides you with easy to use, cloud software and support to manage the Pensions Regulators requirements.

Payroll Deck

You will also need our easy to use and reliable payroll software which integrates with the auto enrolment software to make your life easier.


There are no long contracts and no hidden costs and you can get on board for as little as £2.50 per employee per month including payroll and auto enrolment plus lots of free tools to help you streamline your business admin.

Support with Workplace Pensions

However, we know that many employers need more than technology to comply with the Regulations and so we have added the perfect support package to provide you with the help you need to manage Workplace Pensions from start to finish.

The support package is just £10 per month per business and is added when you buy the payroll and auto enrolment deck.  So you have got it all covered with Eledecks – there is no longer any need to dread Workplace Pensions.

Bonus package

Take a look at the Key Decks included in your account as standard when you subscribe to the payroll and auto enrolment deck.

Get started now

The key is to give yourself plenty of time to select a Workplace Pension and enrol your staff through the Auto Enrolment process before your staging date to avoid fines by the Pensions Regulator. There are lots of things to do including submitting your Declaration of Compliance and with Eledecks you have got them all covered if you start well in advance of your staging date.

Call or email us on 01472 730778 / [email protected] and subscribe today.


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