If you work in compliance services the Portal can put you and your brand at the heart of your clients’ online world and deliver the benefits you are looking for from a client engagement system.

Take a look at the problems the Portal can solve for your business clients and then check out the examples below to see how we can work with you to differentiate your business.

As a thriving accountancy firm you are always looking to gain competitive advantage over your rivals. This is often achieved via a better service proposition, or price differentials. By becoming a Sponsor of the Eledecks portal you can really stand out in a competitive market.  By offering the portal to your client base you are not only giving a solution to a problem most SME businesses have at a great price-point, you are becoming a part of their daily routine and in turn adding to your revenue streams.

A perfect example of how we add value would be tackling the problem of auto enrolment for non payroll bureau clients. Our Auto-Enrolment deck will alleviate the problem of administering auto enrolment advice and illustrates how you can become a subject matter expert, take away some client pain and really add to the lifetime of each client.

Portal Sponsors can create ‘Set up’ and ‘Retainer’ Add-ons for the Auto Enrolment deck. Clients either subscribe to the software on its own or add service package support. Either way, the client buys a solution to fit their business and the Sponsor earns profitable revenues.

As a business management consultancy you are always on the look out to improve your clients’ businesses. With their people at the heart of the business you add value when you offer clients this HR solution to reduce their overhead costs and save them time.

Dealing with all aspects of HR from Personnel files, Appraisals and contracts of employment plus guides to help with a wide range of situations including disciplinary and grievance, the Portal has it covered.

The Portal can be white labelled with your own branding and you can add extra decks of information to further enhance the proposition. Not only is Eledecks Portal quite simply the most robust way of sharing best practice with your clients it can also keep you and your brand in front of them every day as they regularly log into the Portal to manage their staff.

As an established Health and safety consultancy, you are constantly updating your client with new best in practice policies and procedures, risk assessments and method statements. You are also continuously looking to acquire new clients. By becoming a sponsor reseller of the Eledecks Portal, you can pass sector related information securely and seamlessly through your own white labelled portal. Couple this with our best in class HR support tools and your business becomes a multi subject matter expert.

You will also help your clients by ensuring the HR aspects of H&S are dealt with simply and securely as all personnel files are stored safely online. By providing bespoke materials along with our HR Toolkits maintained by Eledecks and advanced HR management technology you will add to your customer proposition, at the same time, increasing your revenue streams.

As an HR consultancy firm you are the trusted partner keeping your clients compliant with employment law, as well as developing best practice in the overall HR strategy. There are plenty of HR portal products on the market, and they all do similar things. Eledecks has gone the extra mile.

Wouldn’t it be great if the HR portal you were recommending to your clients was white label, showcasing your brand and giving you the ability to add your own toolkits? This is quickly achievable when you become an Eledecks Sponsor.

The Portal provides you with an intuitive dashboard to access client accounts so you can deliver a more cost effective and responsive service.

The Portal is bespoke, so you can build each account according to client needs;  include the HR Toolkits so clients can access self-help guides, forms and letters online. These Toolkits provide essential but ‘basic’ information and your clients will enjoy using them which in turn means they significantly reduce the traffic on your helpline allowing your consultants’ time to deal with the matters that require HR expertise.

The Portal is sticky, it increase the lifetime of each customer because it quickly becomes part of their daily routine and provides you with the tools you need to showcase your brand and your expert team.

It can be used to cross sell and upsell other services and will help you cut costs and improve customer service.

As a successful insurance firm, you are a selected professional partner of the companies you work with, providing them with specialist advice in a competitive market. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you were regularly in the front of your clients mind, reaching out to them daily, providing further advice and guidance, extra complimentary products and services?

The Portal can fulfill a range of functions. It can work as a place where your clients go just for HR support or it can be wider than that, incorporating aspects of Health and Safety, Standards management and your advice.

Having your brand and brand messages highlighted to your clients every day and earning revenue at the same time is all very achievable when you add use Eledecks.

As a trusted law firm you are constantly looking for ways to provide your clients with best in class tools to assist them with compliance, and operational functionality.

You are also looking for ways to increase customer acquisition and retention and by becoming a sponsor you can do all these things.

Whether you work with a specific sector such as education or finance, or you take a generalist approach your portal will give your clients access to your team and your service as they manage their staff every day from their desktop and smart devices.

Eledecks is the only independent specialist in EL compliance management systems. We have over ten years experience in helping law firms to gain and retain clients using the portal.

The Sponsor dashboard gives EL teams control over their branded portal and the option to offer your clients a wide range of self help toolkits as well as access to the handbooks and contracts you have drafted for them. Clients can also subscribe to a comprehensive set of essential tools to manage day to day HR compliance and admin including audits, reports, records, licensing management, leave, diaries and much more.

Your clients can start with free access to Portal GO or subscribe to bespoke packages from day one.