Employers who don’t follow the correct redundancy procedure risk tribunal claims

Redundancy is a potentially fair reason for dismissal, provided that it is genuine and the correct procedures are followed, but far too often I see employers get it wrong.

Employers who don’t follow the right procedures may face unfair dismissal or discrimination claims.


Our Redundancy and Lay Off Toolkit

Our Redundancy and Lay Off Toolkit contains detailed guidance for employers who are faced with the need to reduce the number of staff they employ.

It explains:

  • What amounts to a genuine redundancy situation
  • How employers should consult with the affected employees
  • How to select staff for inclusion in a pool
  • How to score staff and how to draw up a selection matrix
  • What could amount to unfair or discriminatory selection and scoring criteria
  • What rights redundant staff have including the right to suitable alternative employment where available, the right to time off to look for alternative employment or training for future employment and pay
  • When employers can withhold redundancy pay
  • About making redundancies following a TUPE transfer
  • About making lay offs and placing staff on short time working, how these should be managed, what pay staff are entitled to in such situations, what other benefits they are entitled to and when lay off turns into redundancy.


The Toolkit is supplemented by a number of template letters. Any relevant information held in personnel files can be automatically populated into the data fields contained in these letters, saving time and reducing the risk of mistakes being made.

The Toolkit also contains a number of downloadable guides and flowcharts.

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