A growing number of Brits are expected to continue working beyond their retirement age, a new survey has found.

Personnel Today reported on a survey carried out recently on behalf of AIG Life. It found that 31 per cent of the people surveyed expect to still be working in their 70s, while one in 14 people said that they were hoping to continue working into their 80s.

By 2028, the state pension age will have been extended to 67, but many appear to believe they’ll be fit to continue working beyond this point.

The survey also found that those closest to retirement were most confident about their ability to be fit to work as they age. The over-55 year olds who were surveyed were confident they’d be able to work until they were 73, while those under 35 said they were confident they could work until they were 66.

Chief financial officer at AIG Life Donald MacLean told the news provider that it was “interesting” to see the confidence older workers had in their ability to continue in their jobs past their retirement age.

“Retirement has changed massively in recent years as improvements in life expectancy and health plus changes in the law mean millions are living longer and can work longer if they want to,” he stated.

The way we work has also changed significantly, with the Guardian recently revealing that the average worker will have 11 different jobs in their lifetime. That means many people may be leaving pension plans behind when they leave jobs and forgetting about them.

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