Manually Recorded Absences is just one of many features included in our Attendance Management Deck.

It enables managers to record absences for individuals or multiple employees at a time.

Manually recorded absences

The ability for managers to record individual staff absences on their behalf can be useful if, for example, the employee has gone home sick or has verbally asked for time off rather than making a request through their Personnel Dashboard.

For bulk absences, it is most commonly used at the start of the holiday year to record bank holidays where the employer closes on bank holidays but it can be used to record any other bulk absences, for example, training sessions.

How Manually Recorded Absences works

To record absences the manager first chooses whether the absence is to be paid, unpaid or to be confirmed. They then select the reason for the absence and have the option of adding any notes if they wish.

A pop up calendar allows the manager to select the date or dates of the absence as well as times, in the case of part days. The manager also has the ability to override any previous requests granted for time off.

When recording bulk absences the manager can apply the absence to all staff or by department.

Once a bulk absence has been recorded the manager will be alerted if anyone has already been granted leave on the date in question (which can then be overridden) or if there are any employees who weren’t scheduled to work on the date in question.

Once the ‘record absence’ button is pressed the absence request is automatically accepted and displayed in other areas of the Attendance Management Deck, for example on Personnel Dashboards.

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