Manage Absence Requests is just one feature of our Attendance Management Deck.

manage absence requests

Manage Absence Requests: How it works

Once an employee has logged into their Personnel Dashboard and made a request for time off, their manager will receive an email notifying them that a request has been made.

The manager can then log into their portal account and see, in either a table or calendar format, details of the request. The manager can then approve or deny the request by clicking on the tick or cross button. If the request is approved the manager can select whether the time off is to be paid, unpaid or to be confirmed.

The manager can also view past leave requests and any which have been withdrawn.

In the calendar format the manager can click on a date to see who is off that day. Different colours show requests that have been approved, denied or which are pending.

The manager can also view sickness absences, which may be useful when deciding whether to approve or deny a request.

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