How to spread the burden of HR compliance work

There are many valuable benefits of sharing HR compliance work across the business including efficiency and cost savings.  For example, having access to real time data for better decision making (because colleagues use multiple points of data input rather than waiting for data to be input centrally by HR) and freeing up HR specialists’ time for more value added work.

However, there is a debate around whether command and control tools enable or undermine learning. Supporters say, when used wisely to train and encourage colleagues who don’t have any HR experience, tools that enable HR teams to spread the load are a good thing and can develop HR skills in a healthy environment. According to experts like Michael Marshall writing for @theHRDirector this progressive approach is good news because it adds to the skills and competencies of the business and that in turn aids Business Development.

“Skilled competent HR Human Resources include …Continually investigating skill levels of all employees and staff and coordinate additional training needed; Coordinating programs to stimulate a healthy positive work environment that is safe and self-fulfilling for all.”

Colleagues are more willing to deal with HR matters arising in their team or department if they are given the tools and support they need to do the job well. The alternative is team leaders shying away from additional or new responsibility because they feel vulnerable and nervous and so the work continues to pile up on HR’s desk which causes compliance and data bottlenecks.

Some HR teams are understandably reluctant to trust HR responsibilities to colleagues in other departments who lack formal HR training. This is particularly the case if they have no way of knowing whether the work is being done in compliance with company standards (until it’s too late!)

Activity Centre is the answer. A new release on Eledecks portal, Activity Centre provides HR Managers with a thorough audit trail of user logins and work carried out on the Portal every day. It can be searched by Deck activity across the business such as Attendance or GDPR SAR management, or by searching for a specific user name to see their activity  allowing the reviewer to click through to more detail and ultimately, every step is visible.

Using Activity Centre to support and encourage colleagues in a transparent way to take a share of the HR burden without fear of recrimination is the smart thing to do. If a colleague lacks aptitude or capability for HR work it will become apparent by checking Activity Centre. Managers can then be trained and assessed on the job in real time without exposing the company to serious compliance risks.

Features and Plans

Activity Centre is a subscription Deck so it’s easy to add to your menu if you are already using Eledecks HR Portal and if not, you can start with a free account on Portal GO and then add Activity Centre from the subscription menu. If you need any support we are always available on live chat during business hours or email [email protected]. If your HR provider isn’t giving you decks like this it’s time to head over to our Features and Plans page to see what you’re missing