Our Attendance Management Deck includes a suite of absence and attendance tools for managing leave requests, building staff rotas and managing capacity.

Rotas and contracted hours are just two of the features of our Attendance Management Deck.

staff rotas

Staff Rotas

Rotas allow busy managers to view existing rotas and create new ones the easy way.

To create a new rota the manager simply selects the week or weeks they want to create a rota for, then which department the rota is for before dragging individual employee names onto the rota.

When the manager decides to publish the rota it is automatically placed on employee Personnel Dashboards for them to see. Our software is cloud based and can be accessed from employees’ mobile phones and other personal devices so they can easily check their rotas when they are at home or on the move.

Managers can also check any draft rotas that have already been created but not been published as well as any archived rotas. Staff can view archive rotas on their Personnel Dashboards too.

Contracted hours

Sometimes it is necessary to change the contracted hours of staff, although remember that in most cases you will need your staff’s consent if you want to change their contracted hours of work.

Once you have agreed new hours with staff you can alter their hours on the portal using this feature.

This feature is particularly useful if you want to make changes to contracted hours in bulk as it allows you to change a whole department’s hours or your entire workforce’s hours in one go.

Once you have applied the changes Personnel Files will be automatically updated with your workers new hours.

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