Our holiday leave toolkit is designed to help you manage requests for holidays and explains how holiday leave entitlements and pay should be calculated.

holiday leave

The index of links at the start of the toolkit enables you to quickly find the information you are looking for.

Holiday leave entitlements and pay

The toolkit sets out in detail workers’ entitlements. It contains step by step guidance on how to calculate holiday leave and pay entitlements, explaining what to do when a worker’s hours of work varies, when overtime hours and commission and other payments should be factored in, and how to calculate entitlements for part-time workers, new starters and pieceworkers.

It also contains detailed guidance on the following topics:

  • How and when holiday leave accrues when staff are off work for other reasons such as sickness or maternity leave
  • The rules on carrying forward untaken holiday
  • Swapping holiday leave for sick leave
  • Stipulating holiday leave during shutdown periods
  • How much notice staff have to give when booking holiday leave and what to do when proper notice is not given
  • The procedure employers should follow if they wish to refuse a request for time off and how to handle staff who are unhappy when their request has been turned down
  • How employers can require staff to take holiday leave on days of the employer’s choosing, for example, during an employee’s notice period
  • How to handle multiple requests for time off at busy times such as during the Christmas holiday period and during school holidays
  • How to avoid discriminating against staff when managing holiday requests and how to handle religious holidays
  • When payments in lieu of untaken holiday can and cannot be made
  • Making deductions for overpayments of holiday pay
  • What to do when a worker fails to return to work on time
  • The rules relating to bank holidays


The law relating to carrying forward holiday and calculating holiday pay, in particular, is constantly evolving but because we update our toolkits regularly we can help you keep up to date with changes in the law.

Our toolkit also comes with a holiday leave request form to help you manage holiday requests efficiently, although if you subscribe to our self-service HR software you will have the added benefit of being able to manage holiday requests online.

The toolkit also contains links to useful external web pages which you may also find helpful.

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