Holiday Embargo Patterns is just one feature of our Attendance Management deck. It allows managers to apply embargoes on certain dates of their choosing preventing employees from physically being able to book time off when they try to through their Personnel Dashboards.

holiday embargo patterns

It is a useful tool for businesses who have busy periods during the year, such as in the run up to Christmas.

How Holiday Embargo Patterns works

To apply an embargo the manager enters the pattern name and description and then selects the dates they don’t want staff to take time off. This is done by selecting start and end dates. Multiple periods can be selected at the same time, for example if the manager wishes to apply an embargo in the run up to Christmas and the run up to Easter as well.

The manager can choose to apply the embargo to individual employees or by department.

Once the embargo has been applied when the employee logs into their Personnel Dashboard the relevant dates are blocked out in grey and they are unable to click on these dates to request time off.

Managers should tell staff about any embargoes they apply so that they are not taken by surprise and can plan to take their holiday leave on alternative dates.