As an accountant your clients will expect you to help them with auto enrolment. A lot of accountants I speak to are, however, unsure what to do when a client approaches them for advice.

Auto enrolment presents new challenges but by working with us we can help you overcome these in a painless way.



If you provide a bureau solution to your clients we can provide you with a flexible, revenue sharing, white label software solution to manage payroll and auto enrolment under your own brand delivering unrivalled added value.

It is easy to use our software to manage your payroll bureau clients yourself.

Our bureau version comes with dashboard access to client accounts and a fully integrated solution that significantly reduces time spent processing payroll.  Plus we give you freedom of choice when it comes to pension schemes.


We can give you the ability to offer your non-bureau clients a complete white label solution provided by our experts with no increased administration on your part and which can help you win new clients.

Our software is the ideal solution for those clients who want to manage payroll and auto enrolment themselves because it provides a simple push button solution.


To find out more about how our software and knowledgeable Help Desk Team can help you and your clients call us on 01472 730 778 or download our Added value solutions for Bureau & Non-Bureau clients brochure.

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