Easily handle employee requests online using an HR Portal account which enables your staff to make their requests and helps you manage the requests efficiently and compliantly. Every HR Portal account includes online access for staff to make requests as recommended by the ICO.

We have used our 14 years experience of HR Portal provision to design a practical GDPR deck. Staff can make a range of requests as follows and the HR Portal can handle them all:

How it works: Upload your personnel files to store them in the HR Portal’s secure Personnel Records Deck.

Then, issue Personnel Dashboards to your staff so that you have a two way communication channel online. This is where staff will access your Privacy Notice and make any GDPR requests.

Now you are ready to send your Privacy Notice through the Document Manager direct to Personnel Dashboards to comply with your GDPR obligation to inform staff as to what personal data you will collect and how you will deal with it. (Right to be informed). An added bonus is that the Document Manager’s audit trail feature will help you demonstrate compliance if you are ever asked for proof of GDPR compliance.

When you issue your staff with Personnel Dashboards they can make the following requests online and you can easily monitor them from your GDPR Manager’s Dashboard.

Right of access
Right to rectification
Right to erasure
Right to restrict processing
Right to data portability
Right to object
Rights related to automated decision making including profiling

When your staff make any of these GDPR requests via their Personnel Dashboard you can be sure when the request was made, who made it, what they are asking you to do and why. Staff will be kept updated as to next steps and the progress of their request.

The GDPR Managers Dashboards enable you to monitor and respond to requests online within time limits and without fear of losing control. Plus if staff want to make a request by another method you can add them manually to the online GDPR Deck to assist you in tracking and managing your response.

Take the stress out of GDPR. Make your life easier by subscribing to HR Portal Go which includes all the Decks discussed in this post as standard. Take a look at the diagram below and get in touch with us at [email protected] when you are ready to streamline your GDPR.

GDPR Tools for handling staff requests