Technical helpdesk

Freephone helpdesk support for nominated users. Available by phone or email between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.


The Technical Helpdesk team keep clients and Sponsors informed with new feature alerts and tour guides on the Portal, plus we issue Portal bulletins by email and on screen to notify users about scheduled downtime, upgrades and new releases.


The Academy is a media library featuring support videos and training webinars to help users unlock the value of their Portal accounts.

We also run regular live webinars so that users can hear from other users and interact with helpdesk staff. These webinars provide lots of useful feedback for product development purposes.

GDPR Brochure

Click the link to download our  GDPR Brochure which explains how Eledecks can help you be compliant with the new regulations effective from May 2018. Take a look at the practical tools you can use to manage staff data and how they will make your life easier and reduce business risk.