Marketing your Portal

Your success is our success and our experienced team are here to assist with sales and marketing.

If you would like our help ask your Account Manager to manage the process of inviting your clients to webinar demonstrations, showcasing the Portal, answering technical questions and encouraging your current and prospective clients to subscribe to your Portal. This means you are not spending time on marketing so you can focus on your business.

Our team are trained to handle sales in a professional service environment, they focus on educational support and never take a hard sell approach.

Your account manager will work to ensure that your Sponsor fee is covered with the revenues you earn from the Portal and then build to a point where you are earning a significant profit each month. This should be achieved within a few weeks.

… And because we help users unlock the value of their accounts with training webinars and technical help your Portal becomes ‘sticky’ and clients will buy more decks and services when they need them so your revenues will continue to grow.

All marketing is conducted using your branding (not ours) and you have online access to progress reports. Call our marketing gurus today to find out how we can work with you or sign up for the free trial now.

Sales training

Sales doesn’t come naturally to everyone and even the best benefit from training and support. We offer free to join webinars which help you promote your Portal or you may prefer one to one support to help you supercharge your results.  Call our sales team for more information and delegate fees.

Showcasing your services

As part of your Sponsor licence you have access to a demonstration account to showcase your services to your clients. It’s easy to navigate and instantly promotes you and your brand as having a keen understanding of what your clients need from online business services.

Sales and marketing tools

Reselling your Portal is easy with these online sales and marketing tools all of which are included in your standard Sponsor package.

• Build a quote online
• Invite your clients to subscribe using your branded invitations
• When your Client subscribes payment is collected online
• Client Portal account is automatically activated and populated with selected decks
• Client has instant access to their account
• Real time revenue reports
• Monthly revenues paid direct to your nominated account


Sell your services on the Portal

Add your services to client packages and make invoicing, payments and credit control a breeze.

Use the Portal’s Add-on feature to attach your services to a deck or package and build it into your online quote so that your client can buy your services when they purchase their subscription to the Portal.

It’s easy to create Add-ons:

  • Simply click to create an Add-on
  • Give it a title such as ‘Auto-enrolment helpline’
  • Add a service description,
  • Set a fee for the Add-on
  • Upload your terms of business

Next time you build a quote for a client, you can attach the selected Add-on and the package builder will calculate the fee into the monthly subscription fee based on the client’s number of employees.

The Portal makes invoicing, payments and credit control a breeze. Eledecks takes the payment on your behalf, deducts a 20% admin fee and the balance is paid direct into your account.


Work with partners

The Portal enables you to add value to your client experiences by offering services supplied not just by your organisation but also by other professional service providers.

Leverage your professional networks by inviting other service providers to add their services to decks. For example, an accountancy practice may need an employment lawyer to advise their clients on contracts of employment and vice versa. Either of these firms could be the Sponsor or the Partner depending on which one wanted to have the lead brand and control of the Portal.

Either way, when you invite 3rd parties to become Partners and provide support on your Portal you provide added value for your Portal clients and create additional revenue streams by earning commissions when your clients subscribe to Partner services.

And because it’s free for third party advisors to join your Portal as Partners there is every reason for them to send invitations to their own clients to encourage them to subscribe to the Portal as well.  They can brand their own profile pages and set up their own Add-on service packages.