When Sara, an HR Manager in the Healthcare Sector, asked us if we could help her issue multiple documents to her staff we came up with the idea of Document Packs.

document packs

Sara had over 12,000 documents she wanted to issue to her staff including policies and procedures, training documents, induction packs and a wide variety of standard healthcare documents. Issuing the documents one by one was going to be very time consuming so we needed to find a solution for her.

We have recently released Document Packs within the Document Manager Deck enabling Sara to bundle documents together and issue them to her staff in one go.

This feature allows multiple documents to be sent to employees’ work or personal email accounts at the click of a button.

Document Packs: Other features

Once a Document Pack has been created it can be edited and new documents can be added or removed with ease. Managers have access to see which Document Packs have been issued and which documents are within the pack by viewing them in the Manage Issued Documents Area they can also be viewed in the employee Personnel File Folders.

Employees can also access the documents that have been issued to them when they log into their Personnel Dashboard.

The Document Packs feature is easy to use and our helpdesk team supported Sara through the process by providing individual training sessions and guidance.

Sara now uses Document Packs every time she needs to issue multiple documents to her staff and has trained other members of her team so they can use Document Packs as well.

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