Our Document Manager Deck is an interactive document management system which makes issuing documents to staff a breeze.

Document Manager Deck

Document Manager Deck: What it can be used for

It can be used for all sorts of documents including your Employment Contracts and Staff Handbooks, ISO and industry standard documents, memos and letters including the many template letters, which can be found in our Toolkits. In fact it can be used for any type of Word document and images and logos can be incorporated into the documents.

Additional features

We have recently released Document Packs within the Document Manager Deck enabling multiple documents to be bundled together so that they can be issued to staff in one go.

Our Document Manager Deck interacts with your Personnel database making it possible to mail merge, store documents in Personnel Files, email, share and track documents online.

Managers can see which documents have been issued by viewing them in the Manage Issued Documents Area. They can also be seen in the employee Personnel File Folders.

Employees can also access the documents that have been issued to them when they log into their Personnel Dashboard.

As well as being easy to use our Document Manager Deck helps employers comply with the law and it importantly includes audit controls including permissions, transaction stamps and traceability tools.

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