With years of experience helping small businesses streamline their staff documentation we know that managers are often worried about managing staff documentation because it can be costly if they get it wrong not to mention time consuming. So without further ado let’s take a look at how the Eledecks system takes away the headaches and helps you manage one of the most important aspects of HR administration more easily. In particular, Staff records; Employment Contracts and Policies & Procedures. 

Staff documentation includes Personnel Records

These records must be managed in compliance with GDPR and there is quite a bit to think about.  Where you store these records, who can access them and how staff manage interactions with personal data. Eledecks makes it very straightforward by providing not only the compliant online storage system itself but also the controls you need to comply with GDPR such as quarantining data during an investigation into an employee request for data removal.

There are lots of compliance requirements like this that are often overlooked by other HR systems and by relying on lesser systems even without realising it you may be in breach of the GDPR rules.

Here is a quick checklist
  • Does your Staff Records system let you store your records in a place which is SSL encrypted?
  • Is it limited to being accessed only by those with the correct permission access?
  • Does it allow you to segregate certain sensitive information for special attention such as sickness absence records?
  • Does it allow your staff to make guided online SAR applications?
  • Does it give staff an online channel to make SAR applications as recommended by the GDPR regulator?
  • Does it give you the training materials you need to train staff to the standard required by GDPR Accountability Principle before they handle Personal Data? … the list goes on.

If you use the Eledecks portal to manage your HR admin you won’t have to think about these things because we do it for you and the reason you can rely on us to build in solutions like this is that our design team includes employment lawyers and small business managers not just HR technologists so we think about these solutions differently to most other software teams.

Staff documentation includes Employment Contracts

Staff contracts are a legal requirement and have a big impact on staff morale as discussed in this recent article about the deadline for issuing employment contracts.

Getting your contracts drafted by experts is obviously important but it can be a pain to organise. This is the reason Eledecks was founded back in 2004 because our CEO knew it was one of the most irritating jobs that employers have to manage and since then we have drafted thousands of compliant contracts for clients.

Why not draft your own contracts?

I’m sure there will be a YouTube video on DIY contract drafting somewhere, but the problem with contracts is you don’t know if they are any good until they are tested by a dispute. It’s false economy to rely on hand me down versions or cheap alternatives. I always remember a probate solicitor telling telling me he was thrilled when DIY wills appeared on the shelves of W.H. Smith and I asked him why as it seemed odd at first. But he explained that probate lawyers like him enjoy far more work arising from poorly drafted wills than they ever do from the good ones! A point well made I thought. 

Our experts take the strain away and offer a contract drafting service which ensures you have fully compliant contracts ready to issue to staff and the great news is you can issue them direct to employees through the Portal so they are tracked right through to signature and then stored on the employee’s file for the record. Plus they are not as expensive as you may think!

After that our regular contracts updating service ensures your documents are kept up to date with legal changes and we prompt you to re-issue your contracts to staff to remain compliant. With Eledecks’ Portal the process of managing employment contracts becomes a push button exercise for employers that can save a lot of heartache in the long run.  

Staff documentation includes Employment Policies

Your employees will have lots of questions about the way your business operates and how they are treated in various situations so you need to be ready with a robust and consistent set of answers. This is easily achieved by the time honoured Employment Policies and Procedures document often called the Staff Handbook.

When you issue a comprehensive staff handbook covering all your Employment Policies and Procedures it is a huge step forward towards streamlining your staff management because it has all the answers. Again we can draft this important document for you. It is based on a legally watertight template and in conversation with you, our expert lawyers tailor the contents to the needs and working practices of your business so you have a document which managers and staff can rely on to run the business smoothly every day. We have produced thousands of these documents over the years and they have always had a positive impact on the client’s business. 

Putting the Documentation into Practice

It is important to have a set of Toolkits to complement your Employment Contracts and the Employment Policies issued to staff. These Toolkits are for your managers and should be capable of guiding them through the procedures on any given occasion and where required they should provide managers with the forms and letters required.

Businesses subscribing to the Eledecks Portal can choose from a range of over 30 Toolkits on subjects ranging from recruitment administration to disciplinary and grievances, absence management and beyond to leavers and redundancy management. Pretty much everything related to compliant HR administration is covered. 

Keeping track of staff documentation and communications

Finally, if you are issuing your staff with contracts and policies or sending a letter to an employee you are going to need to keep track of the process so that you can prove you sent the document and this is where our Document Manager comes in, fondly nicknamed “Wesley.” This clever system stores, issues, tracks and audits the process of sending important documents to staff members. Wesley is also a first class version control system so it’s easy to keep track of your latest document versions. 

Whether you want to deliver the document to the employee’s email address or you give them access to the Employee Portal where they can sign for documents online you will have peace of mind knowing it is all managed under one roof plus you can punch out an audit report at a moment’s notice.

No more searching through filing cabinets and email folders or wondering whether staff have got their post. Let them sign for it online and receive a push notification to mobile in real time. It’s easy and recommended good practice. 

Why not have a chat with the support team to find out more. Call us or chat with us live online at www.eledecks.com