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Software tools like the newly released ‘Activity Centre Deck’ can be used by HR teams to develop HR skills across the business, to save time and de-risk the business but there is a debate around whether command and control tools are a good or bad thing when it comes to the people aspect.

Supporters say when used wisely to train and encourage colleagues who don’t have any HR experience, tools like Activity Centre that enable HR teams to spread the load of HR work are a good thing because they can help develop HR skills in a healthy environment. According to experts like Michael Marshall at HR Director, this progressive approach is good news because it adds to the skills and competencies of the business and that in turn aids Business Development.

Team leaders are more willing to deal with HR matters arising in their team or department if they are given the tools and support they need to do the job well. The alternative is that team leaders shy away from the responsibility because they feel vulnerable and nervous.and the work piles up on the HR team’s desk.

HR teams are reluctant to trust team leaders with HR responsibilities because they have no way of knowing whether the work is being done in compliance with standards.

The best of both worlds

Activity Centre is a new release on Portal Plus which provides HR Managers with a thorough audit trail of work carried out on the Portal every day. The beauty of it is that it tracks user activity in the Portal and provides busy HR Managers with peace of mind when it comes to managing staff development for the purpose of delegating HR skills.

How it works

For example, if you give a team leader the responsibility to deal with unauthorised absence they need to have access to your absence management procedure, HR guidance for handling the process and the letters required for communicating with the employees who go AWOL.

You may start by delegating entry level responsibility such as, responsibility for identifying and investigating the AWOL situation, taking notes and recommending a course of action. That may be the point at which you require the team leader to hand over their findings and make a recommendation to HR. But how does HR know that the correct procedure has been followed in this scenario?

If HR has to allocate resources to interviewing the investigating team leader it is expensive and patronising and undermines the manager’s credibility in the eyes of their team. Other than this HR has to place their trust in the team leader to manage AWOL situations without any checks and balances. Neither of these approaches is satisfactory but when backed up by Activity Centre type tools, HR can develop HR skills with confidence because they can conduct swift checks online to make sure there are no red flags.

This is the case because the team leader must login to the Portal to access the tools and procedures required to manage the AWOL event. They will use the Attendance Management Deck, Tasks Deck, Absence Management Toolkit and Document Manager to complete their investigation and log their findings. The HR team will login to the Portal to access the case file and so the whole process is captured by Activity Centre.

Activity Centre underpins GDPR compliance

Tools like this are excellent for complying with GDPR because they enable the business to check that Personal Data is being managed lawfully under the regulations and significantly reduce business risk. One of the biggest fears of using HRIS (human resource information systems) to spread the load of HR work is that non-specialist managers may get HR procedures wrong and this could lead to expensive tribunal claims and/or adverse impact on performance and staff morale and there will be no way of knowing until it’s too late. Activity Centre is the solution to these problems.

There are several ways to use it but for example, if you just want an audit trail of your own work or you want to support colleagues who are taking on HR work as part of their department responsibilities, Activity Centre will save you hours of management time because instead of following up on foot and checking piles of notes and paper trails to see that work has been done and compliance is met, HR teams can see what work has been done and how it has been done, by logging on to their Activity Centre Dashboard.

Develop HR skills with timely interventions

If any part of the process is missing or has been managed inappropriately, HR will be able to see the gaps at a glance and can provide practical support to remedy the situation before it becomes a problem.

The audit trail is real time so you don’t have to wait for reports to update and if you’re looking for activity in relation to a specific Deck such as the Portal’s Document Manager, you can search within a date range to see all activity and then drill down to specific users. Alternatively, search within a date range for all activity across all Decks.

The Activity Centre dashboard has been designed in a way that makes it easy to see what you need at a glance. And if you want to follow a job through to check the quality, just click the link and you will be taken direct to the activity itself, such as a letter which was sent to employees or a rejected leave request. This is your opportunity to coach managers and team leaders in real time rather than sending them on courses which try to re-create a real scenario. This encourages participation, solves real problems, gets real work done and gives managers a sense of achievement. When used in a collaborative environment audits can be used for ongoing personal development.

Features and Plans

Activity Centre is a subscription Deck so it’s easy to add to your menu if you are already using Eledecks HR Portal and if not, you can start with a free account on Portal GO and then add Activity Centre from the subscription menu. If you need any support we are always available on live chat during business hours. If your HR provider isn’t giving you decks like this it’s time to head over to to see what you’re missing.

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