Use Eledecks Mobile Apps and improve productivity and efficiency.

Use Mobile Apps to get HR done

If your staff are among the 2500 already using our mobile apps for managing HR on the Portal you will know how useful they are for sharing work with colleagues and keeping you updated in respect of task deadlines and activity.

Whether it’s managing leave applications, rota revisions, sending or receiving contracts, checking in with colleagues or advisors or staying in the loop with our Briefing Room posts, the apps have it covered and the push notifications make sure that you and your staff never miss a trick.

New version due for release

Some of you will know that we launched a spanking new app for Managers in January this year but you may not know that our Employee app has had a facelift and the new version is due for release next month.

The new version of the Employee app will be available in Android as well as IOS so keep an eye on updates in the Portal because we will let you know as soon as it is available for download from the app stores.

The Managers app is available in both IOS and Android and if for any reason you can’t log in to it after downloading it from either of the app stores let us know because chances are your permissions haven’t been switched on at Admin level. Just message us through the chat box on your screen and we will sort it out tout suite.

Improve efficiency with these apps

Whether you have 5 employees or 500 we reckon that using the mobile apps will make your HR department 25% more efficient and will significantly improve business productivity and reduce risk by ensuring decisions are based on real time data and your staff are kept informed.